- A continuous unbroken outline

- A specific number of regions, in this case 5.

- A specific number of regions…

If the code was 1:1:1:1:1 then each region would have 1 blob in it.

If the code was 1:1:1:2:2 then three regions would have1 blob and two regions would have 2.

To work successfully aestheticodes cannot have the following;

- A broken outline

- Empty regions

- Too many blobs

- Blobs too close to the outline


Top tip: draw as much extra background or detail as you wish but make sure it does not connect to the aestheticode.





















  1. The ‘branch’ is the line or outline that encloses all of the regions and makes sure that they are all connected to each other in order to be read.
  2. The amount of numbers in a written code shows the amount of regions you need to include in the code.

Eg: 1:1:2:3:5 = 5 regions                 1:1:2:3:3:4:4 = 7 regions

  1. ALL regions must be connected together, there should be no broken lines between regions.
  2. The numbers in the codes denotes to how many ‘blobs’ each region should have

Eg: 1:1:2:3:5 = region 1=1 blob, region 2=1 blob, region 3=2blobs etc…

  1. If you want the rest of the pattern not to be read as part of the code or recognized by the app you need to make sure there is a clear gap or break in the line between the area you want to be recognized (code) and the areas that you don’t.




  1. Don’t place lines too close together as the app will read and merge them together. This includes placing the ‘blobs’ to close to the line of the region as the app will not be able read that there is a blob in the region and you will either get an un-readable code or the wrong code.
  2. Make sure you don’t place regions inside regions (the blobs need to be solid shapes and not empty)
  3. Make sure the lines are not broken anywhere or too thin (the app is able to recognize thicker lines far far easier) as again the app will not be able to read the information.
  4. Remember not to draw too small as you wont have enough space to fit the blobs and regions in without lines touching or merging. It needs to be a clear image.