Artcode workshop for Restless Futures at Central Saint Martins to kick off our London Design Festival tour - Aestheticodes

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These are the emerging technologies that transform social and economic life. Often the technologies are quickly assimilated by the market or intentionally deployed in a non-productive manner; they are not necessarily a force for the good. However, they can also emerge in a more positive light, and then bring with them a set of questions. How as anartist or designer can one influence the effect of these technologies? How doescreative thinking allow one to speculate on what the next series of disruptive technologies might be? How do the emerging technologies inflect productively onlearning and teaching?

We are pleased to have been invited to deliver a workshop for Restless Futures event during London Design Festival 2014. Under the theme Disruptive Technologies, the design team will introduce participants to the aestheicodes technology, teach them how to design their own art codes, introduce them to the brand new app, especially how to reconfigure it to their own specification and explore future potentials for our human vision of computer human interaction.

Workshop: 13TH Sept, 2-5PM, Central Saint Martins

Visit the CSM website to sign up.

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